My name is Annie and I love to think.  I know that I don’t have all of the answers, but I love searching for them. I’ve learned a lot by searching, reading, and analyzing the amazing content that already exists on the Internet. But the most valuable learning, the kind that creates new knowledge and understanding, comes from sharing and discussing.

I’ve been on the Internet since I first turned on a 1200 baud modem in 1992 and dialed in to a local BBS. I’ve lived through ups and downs, trolls and trends, disasters and delights of the online world. I’m interested in living a better life every day, becoming healthier, smarter, more connected, and making a difference in the world, all through baby steps. I like to talk about everything from politics to food, education to the environment, and travel to social justice.  I want to talk about our online and offline worlds. I like philosophical arguments, engaging stories, and practical advice.

The Ethical Thinker blog is my Internet front porch. Anyone who is interested in engaging, respectful dialogue on everything from deep important issues to frivolous fun is welcome to pull up a lounge chair and join in.  This blog is not about wrapping ourselves up in the warm blanket of complacency. It is about asking how we can improve the way we relate to each other and to the earth that we inhabit. It is about questioning things, proposing solutions, and testing ideas.